Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Broadcast of SUICIDE AND ME

I wanted to share this video made by young Australian film-makers. I'm so proud that there are young people in the world who want to change things for the better. These young film-makers give me hope that mental health issues will be better funded and understood in the future.

Please watch and share the video. The information could save your own or someone else's life. Don't be embarrassed, mental health issues are everyone's business. Those of us who suffer from MNBP (malfunctioning neural brain pathways) don't want to die and leave the ones we love. We just want the pain to stop.

I'm OK and safe today. Are you OK and safe? If you are I hope you remain so. If you aren't please ask for help because I want you to stay with us and get well.

If the above link doesn't work try this:


  1. I didn't know that suicide is so prevalent in Australia. I guess it seems to be everywhere. I wasn't able to watch the video, it says only people located in Australia can view it. I'm very familiar with the subject and have known more than a few people who chose that path. Last Jan. I wrote a post about my nephew's suicide called The LAST Thing You Would Do. Have you written about when you felt that kind of despair and hopelessness? I haven't delved into it for myself but most people seem to have it as a fleeting thought in the back of their minds. Some not so fleeting. I hope having the Internet makes people feel less lonely and more apt to reach out for help. Your posts always give lots to think about, Tez!

    1. Oh, I'm sorry you couldn't get to watch the video. Never mind, I'm sure you've seen and heard similar stories. I will go to your archives and find the post on your nephew's suicide. So sad yet so understandable. I Just wish there was more funding and research for mental health in all countries. It needs to be made a priority but it never is by those in power. One day, one day ....

      And one day I'll talk about my journey with skewed neural pathways. For now I'll just say, it's been interesting!