Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Day in the Garden

My wonderful son and grandson came for a visit last Tuesday and ended up completely transforming my back garden. Well Ric did the transforming by weeding, pruning and putting in stakes to support my falling plants.

Daniel rode the bike; 

put pieces of a concrete slab in and out of the wagon. He told me he was a big boy now he was three and a half;

brushed his teeth 3 times until they sparkled. He is such a delight;

helped me 'ferdilise' the plants. I told him he could fertilise the plants much better than me and he told me, "Gwanma, I'll help you because I 'ferdilise the plants better than you" (didn't get a picture of this because we were too busy 'ferdilising');

painted a picture;

and kept me entertained all afternoon.

Great work boys (and thank you)!


  1. How wonderful to have your son clean up your garden! We finally weeded ours last weekend and it was long overdue. I hate weeding and even got stung by a wasp but it looks so much better that I guess it was worth it!

    Your grandson is adorable! That mop of blonde hair is mesmerizing. It must be such a joy to have a visit from them! :-)

    1. Oh dear, wasp stings can be so painful. I hope it is better now. It was especially nice of my son to do my garden because he is not a fan of weeding - in fact gardening of any kind. I, on the other hand, love gardening and find weeding very soothing and satisfying. Nowadays, my arthritic ravaged body doesn't allow me to enjoy gardening. As you can see, I've had it almost covered in paving and slabs to reduce the workload. Sigh. I miss pottering about in the earth.

      It is so nice to hear other people say that my grandson is adorable. I think so too but I'm biased so it is good to have it confirmed. He is so funny too. The other day he walked up to his daddy, who was watching an Aussie rules football match on TV, picked up the remote, turned the TV off and said, "Right, that's enough television for one day." DiL nearly wet herself laughing. Son was not amused.

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